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10 Amazing Facts about Ravana

10 Amazing Facts about Ravana
10 Amazing Facts about Ravana

We all know from the Ramayana that Ravana was a villain and a demon. The amazing thing about human beings is that no matter how good or bad they are, there is always a second side to their personality. Ravana was the son of  Vishrava . Lets take a look at the 10 Amazing Facts about Ravana.

  1. The meaning of Ravana means ‘Roaring’ which means someone with unimaginable power and might.
  2. Ravana was a maestro in Veena (Musical instrument) which he made by tearing his own arms in order to pacify Shiva. 
  3. God Rama also once said to Ravana that he is ‘Maha-Brahma’ because of his extensive knowledge of Veda.
  4. Ravana in order to please Brahma did ‘Tapasaya’  for several years and in order to get attention of Brahma, he cut his head off and again a new head arose and that’s how Ravana has 10 heads.
  5. Ravana was a follower and worshipper of Shiva and went to meet him at Kailasha and tried to uproot the Kailasha mountain to which he made Shiva furious and just by the small toe, Shiva put the mountain in its place and Ravana was pinned under it. He Performed for years and his devotion lead Shiva to release him and it is believed that Shiva Tandav  Strotum was composed by Ravana.
  6. It is believed that it is during the time when Ravana ruled Lanka it was the most prosperous and it was so prosperous that even the poor had vessels of Gold.
  7. There are people who worship Ravana as there are Ravana temples in India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.
  8. It is believed that there are several Shiva temples built by Ravana which are Bajinath  in Himachal Pradesh , Somnath Temple in Gujrat and many more all over India.
  9. Ravana has written texts in Astronomy known as Ravana Samhita.
  10. When Rama Killed Ravana, He asked his brother Lakshaman to sit beside him so that he can take some knowledge from the Great Scholar. 


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