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7 Simple Ways to Increase Memory

People often quote that a healthy mind lies in a healthy body. Here are  7 simple ways to increase memory. Everybody has faced that situation that when you are trying to remember something and you cannot remember it. We bet if you follow these 7 ways, then you can definitely increase your memory.

1. Good Sleep:

7 Simple Ways to Increase Memory
Good Sleep

A good 6 to 8 hour sleep a day can keep your mind and body healthy.  Study suggests the more relaxed your mind is, the better it functions.

2. Timely breaks:

7 Simple Ways to Increase Memory
Take a break

If you work infront of a computer or a smartphone as most of us do, then take regular breaks that can rejuvenate your mind and can help you in concentrating more effectively.

3. One thing at a Time :

7 Simple Ways to Increase Memory
No multitasking

One thing we must understand is that we are not computers or smartphones. Since childhood our parents has taught us that concentrate on one thing at a time.  Now studies also suggests that multitasking slows your brain down and decreases the efficiency.

4. Regular Workout :

7 Simple Ways to Increase Memory

Not only for a good brain or a goodbody but regular workout can give you the feel good factor and peace of mind. Studies suggest that regular work out can enhance that part of your brain that helps you in remembering things.

5. Chewing Gum:

7 Simple Ways to Increase Memory

Yes it’s true no matter how strange it might sound but chewing gum can enhance your brain capabilities. The science here is that chewing gum increases the heart rate and pumps more blood to the brain.

6. Meditation:

7 Simple Ways to Increase Memory

Everyone knows that mediation is amazing for you but it’s tough to practice everyday. The most destructive thing for your brain is stress and regular meditation can actually keep you calm and get you more focused.

7. Brain Exercise:

7 Simple Ways to Increase Memory
Brain Exercise

As important it is to exercise your body and more important is to allow your brain to do some exercise and you achieve it by simple things like sudoku or number game or scrabble.

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