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A biggest question why India is so great

India is so great
India is so great

Why India is so great? these are only some small words to hear, but if it is interpreted then it will take many years only to understand why India is so great from the beginning. A country who fought many wars and got the victory on many of them but did not illegally occupy another country’s lands.
The country where the water in the taps may come late, but the existence of water on the moon was first discovered by our own Chandrayaan 1.
A country where people may have less salt in their toothpaste, but every Indian has blood in its blood that’s why India is so great. The country where the world’s highest statue, Statue of Liberty exists. One thing came into my mind from the height that the world’s highest cricket stadium also is in our country that is Dharmshala stadium.

Let’s go in 1903, we all know that an amazing thing is given to the world by the wright brothers who invented flights but the steps to make the flights was written thousands of years ago by our a great saint Maharshi Bharadwaj.
Now come back to the earth do you know USB device is also given by an Indian? Yes, Mr Ajay V Bhatt who has invented USB device is an Indian. By the way, it is usually done in computers and we all know that computers understand the language of binary code.
Now even if you give credit to Gottfried Leibniz for the discovery of all binary codes but in fact, it was discovered by the famous scholar Mr Pingala of Maurya period in his Chandas-Shastra and thousands of years before Mr Gottfried.
We can say that there is no other country that gives computers to the world is India. Approximate 70% of humans use computers to run the Internet.
By the way, I remembered from the Internet that India comes second in the world, where most of the people use the Internet. Along with this, India is the first country in the world where fast internet service of 4G is provided at the lowest price that’s why India is so great.
We are growing so much that we are the fastest growing economy in the world and when there is talk of so much speed, we cannot leave BrahMos behind, which is the fastest moving missile in this world which is made by India.
By military strength, I remembered that India is the largest military power in the world
and every member of this military power is a hero for this country that’s why India is so great.

Now if the matter of the hero has already happened, then let me tell you that there is no other country that can give diamonds to the world, but India.

This is the country on which even if there is a crisis then each person of every religion stands united and stands wide in front of the enemy to get the debt of their mother’s milk.
By the way, I remembered that India is the second-largest milk producing country in the world.

This is a country where more than 16 languages ​​are spoken along with leg 22 official languages and India is the second country in the world where English is spoken the most. Here some of the speech is hard, some sweet.

By the way, I remembered from sweet that India is the only country that gives sweetness to the world. We first invented the method of making sugar crystals that’s why India is so great.

Indian inventions

This is where the game is not just a game but a feeling of passion that is why this country has given birth to such games as chess, ludo, snake ladder, hockey, kabaddi, and martial arts.
Many of us know that martial art is the art of China but in reality, it has been given by the Bodhi religion of India.

Zero(“0”) in the mathematics is also given by a great Indian mathematician Aryabhata that’s why India is so great.

please click on below link to read out about the Great Indian Mathematicians of India.



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