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A Great Journey of Indian Railways since 1853

A Great Journey of Indian Railways since 1853
A Great Journey of Indian Railways since 1853

Indian railway is world’s largest railway networks started on 16th April 1853 between Bombay to Thane. A Great Journey of Indian Railways since 1853 owned by Indian Government under railway ministry and here is interesting facts about it-

Journey of Indian railways – 

1. Indian Railways runs between two Indian adjacent countries, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

2. The first air conditioned train introduced in 1934 was Frontier Mail (Now Golden Temple after 1996) used Ice blocks to cool train.

Ice blocks to cool train
Ice blocks to cool train

3. The first Indian railway built by Great Indian Paninsula Railway (GIPR) and the concept taken from London.

4. Indian railways tracks are very long and it would circle the earth almost 1.5 times.

5. Indian Railway have world’s largest platform in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, measuring 1366 meter (1.37 km) while Kharagpur comes have second largest platform with 833 meter (0.83 Km).

6. Its ranked on 7th position in world as an employer, below is briefing list-
Rank Employer Employees in 2015 Country
1 United States Department of Defense 3.2 million United States
2 People’s Liberation Army 2.3 million China
3 Wal-Mart 2.1 million United States
4 McDonald’s 1.9 million United States
5 National Health Service 1.7 million United Kingdom
6 China National Petroleum Corporation 1.6 million China
7 Indian Railways 1.54 million India
8  State Grid Corporation of China 1.5 million China
9 Indian Armed Forces 1.3 million India
10 Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn) 1.3 million Taiwan

7. There was no toilets in Indian Railways before 1909 and the first computerized reservation started in 1986 in New Delhi. The following letter wrote by Okhil Chandra who requested to start toilets in Indian Railways.

Letter to start toilets in IR
Letter to start toilets in IR

8. Chenab rail bridge (359 meter) in Jammu & Kashmir is world’s highest rail bridge and also 5 times taller than Qutub Minar ( 73 meter) and even from Eiffel tower (300 meter).

9. It was 1925 when first electric train introduced in India between Bombay to Kurla.

10. Lucknow is listed as busiest railway station with 64 trains per day.

11. Mathura Junction have maximum 7 routes connectivity in India-

Routes From Routes To Gauge Nature
Mathura Jn Agra Cantt Broad gauge
Mathura Jn Bharatpur Broad gauge
Mathura Jn Alwar Broad gauge
Mathura Jn Delhi Broad gauge
Mathura Jn Achnera Meter
Mathura Jn Vrindavan Meter
Mathura Jn Hathras Meter

11. Longest-route train Vivek Expreess runs 4286 km in 82.30 hours with 56 stops between Dibrugarh (Assam) to Kanyakumari (Tamilnadu) and shortest -route train runs just 3 km in Maharashtra between Nagpur to Ajni.

12. Navapur railway station comes in two states, 1st half in Maharashtra and 2nd half in Gujarat.

13. There are two railway stations named as Srirampur and Belapur in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra comes under one place with two stations and the both stations are on opposite sides of same track.

14. The longest registered station name is Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta (Chennai) and shortest stations names is Ib (Jharsuguda ,Odisha) and Od (Anand, Gujarat).

15. There is a diamond point in Nagpur where tracks are totally perpendicular to each others where train runs North , East, West and South.

Diamond_crossing in Nagpur
Diamond_crossing in Nagpur

16. Pir Panjal tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir registered as longest tunnel with 11.25 km.

17. Fairy Queen express is one of oldest Indian locomotive train with steam engine and its still in use.

18. Delhi is one of the largest national railway museum in Asia out of total eight railway museums in India- Delhi, Pune, Kanpur, Mysore, Kolkata, Chennai, Ghum and Tiruchirappalli.

19. Usually, Fans, lights and all home appliances used 220 Volts to operate but Indian railways appliances used 110 volts. It was started to save railways property from thieves.

20. Railways sound level is quite close as 1.2 Hz ~ 72 bpm so human being can easily sleep while running train.

The Journey of Indian railways since 1853 is not only limited to India but also famous in world because ‘The Chatrapati Shivaji terminus’ and ‘The mountain railways of India’ is declared as world heritage sites by UNESCO.



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