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Amazing Facts about Drinking Beer-Cheers!

Amazing Facts about Drinking Beer-Cheers!
Amazing Facts about Drinking Beer-Cheers!

The origin of Beer goes back to more than 5000 years ago in the Mesopotamia Civilization. Beer was the first beverage that humans  accidentally invented and the rest is history. Here are some amazing facts about drinking Beer that you might not have heard of . Lets take a look at advantages and disadvantages of Drinking Beer – Cheers!

1.) Studies have proved that drinking a glass of beer a day can actually help you lower your cholesterol level.

2.) A study which was done in Finland has proved that Beer is great for your Kidneys and people who drink Beer have a 40% less chance of developing Kidney stones.

3.) Beer contains fiber which is good for your stomach and helps in digestions.

4.) If you are a Beer tanker then beer can actually increase your weight, which is known as ‘Beer Belly’.

5.) Beer is a great source of all types of vitamin B which are B1, B2, B6 and B12.

6.) Beer actually attracts flies and mosquitoes so if you are drinking Beer and do not take precautions, you have a higher chance of getting Malaria and other flies related diseases.

7.) You might be amazed to know that Beer actually makes your bones strong.

Amazing Facts about Drinking Beer-Cheers!

8.) People who Drink Beer have 40% less chances of getting a heart attack than people who do not drink beer.

9.) It might scare you but some studies suggests that very high consumption of beer can increase your chance of Prostate Cancer.

10.) Beer is actually good for skin and makes your face glow.

Beer actually contains alcohol and alcohol consumption if taken in very high quantity is neither  good for you and nor for the people around you. Beer as a beverage should only be consumed with friends for fun and not for getting high. so guys go out and have some fun and Drink Beer but do it responsibly and drink beer but do not get drunk. CHEERS!  to BEER !.

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