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Biohacking – Evolution or Devaluation of Humanity

Biohacking - Evolution or Devaluation of Humanity

Biohacking – Evolution or Devaluation of Humanity is a moot point of discussion and there are people who believe that it might be too early to talk about it. Would Biohacking or Do-it-yourself biology bring the Evolution or Devaluation of Humanity is the pertinent question. Internet was invented in 1990 and in less than three decades human evolution is at the cusp of devaluation. Internet has no limitations and no matter how hard you try it is impossible to monitor all the content on internet. Internet gives you limitless knowledge and with knowledge comes power and what if this power is abused.

Biohacking - Evolution or Devaluation of Humanity

Biohacking or Do-it-yourself biology is a part of biotechnology that combines human beings with technology. We all know that our smart cards, credit cards or office access cards have  RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip which identifies us at different places. What if that RFID chip is planted inside your hand and you don’t need any of these cards for access, you just punch your hand and it will give you access. This is not a science fiction that we are discussing, it is a reality and as you are reading it more people are getting chipped.

Biohacking - Evolution or Devaluation of Humanity

This technology is actually making an entire race dumb because your brain doesn’t need to remember anything. The future of Biohacking is that we don’t have to carry any wallet or cash, you would have a RFID chip panted and it would have all the information starting from your name to your bank login details. Do-it-yourself biology allows you to plant a synthetic eye in your eye socket which has a high resolution camera. This is dangerous because everyone who is in contact with that person is being filmed without knowing it. Modern Movie makers are using this Biohacking to get real expressions and make movie making more realistic.

Biohacking - Evolution or Devaluation of Humanity

Human beings using technology was good but technology being a part of yourself is scary. When Shakespeare said what’s in the name, he never meant that replace it with a hexadecimal code which would look like this 017Ad583Cd758 . What we need to ask is whether this amalgamation of human beings and technology is beneficial or detrimental. If you still don’t believe that we have crossed the line with Biohacking then you can take a look at this website .

Biohacking - Evolution or Devaluation of Humanity

People at dangerousthings believe that  Biohacking is the next phase of Human evolution and we leave it to the readers that humanity is about becoming a RFID device or just being Human. Experts believe that Biohacking in the long run would completely change the human race and if we have to stop it then this is the best time to do it. Two years down the line if it evolves like the way it is then we won’t be able to control it. We leave it to the readers that Human evolution is about the brain being evolved and would biohacking help in it or would it completely destroy it and make the entire human race dependent on a RFID chip. Do comment and let us know.




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