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Bob Marley and his High Quotes

When we say rockstar then first name that comes to our mind is Bob Marley. Bob Marley and his High Quotes is a collection of sayings from the rockstar about weed and addiction. Bob Marley was born on 6th February 1945 was a Jamaican singer and songwriter. His album Exodus which was released in 1977 laid new bench marks about records. Exodus was on top of charts for 56 consecutive weeks. There was no doubt that he was an amazing artist and his quotes on weed are no less amazing. The point here is that he had in him to be great singer and song writer and weed might just have been a catalyst. Here are some amazing pictures that present Bob Marley and his High Quotes.

  1. Well said and he flew to success with his amazing lyrics.

Bob Marley and his High Quotes

2. Bob Marley believed that herb had the healing power and We can’t comment on that but his music surely did heal a lot of souls.

Bob Marley and his High Quotes

3. He never wanted it to be banned as he thought it was created by God and as Lady Gaga said “God doesn’t make mistakes”.

Bob Marley and his High Quotes

4. He was superficial or not we cannot comment but he surely had a great presence of mind.

Bob Marley and his High Quotes

5. This is something that you will hear from every creative artist and which is to follow your heart and choices and live your life.

Bob Marley and his High Quotes

6. For all the people who think all is lost think again there is always Hope and you have to make it count.

Bob Marley and his High Quotes

7. last but the best in which he shows why creative people will always be funny and will always be spontaneous.

Bob Marley and his High Quotes

Bob Marley quotes are true inspiration on which he motivates everyone to live your life and follow what you Love. This article is not a promotion of weed by anyways it is just to promote free thinking and it is to inspire you.

Health Warning: Smoking weed is dangerous for your health and you can lose motivation in life as study suggests, so don’t do it.

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