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Indus Valley Civilization

Indus valley civilization which was developed on the Indus river which is one of the most important rivers to INDIA and PAKISTAN. It is also known as harrapan...

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The Gandhi Peace Prize

Gandhi Peace Prize was instituted in 1995. It was the occasion of mahatma gandhi’s 125th birth anniversary. Gandhi Peace prize is given every year on the...

About India

National Parks in India

Before knowing the national parks in India. We should to what is national park and what is the criteria for a place to be a national park. National park is...

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Beaches in India

There are too many beautiful place in India and the beaches in India are attractive places to visit for the tourists. Before knowing about these places we...

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Prizes In India

It’s a honor for a person to achieve national  awards and prizes in India in various fields and the details about the prizes in India are listed...

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