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Chandro Tomar the Revolver Dadi

Chandro Tomar the Revolver Dadi is one story dedicated to those people who don’t follow their passion thinking age is not on their side and its too late. Chandro Tomar the Revolver Dadi was born in Baghpat district of Haryana is a 84 year old lady and is an inspiration to the entire nation. Chandro Tomar is called as Shooter Dadi by the locals. The amazing part aboutĀ Chandro Tomar the Revolver DadiĀ  is that she started shooting at the age of 65 and for the past 19 years she has not stopped and goes to practice everyday and at the same time she takes care of the family as well.

Chandro Tomar the Revolver Dadi

The story of Chandro Tomar the Revolver Dadi

How Revolver Dadi took up shooting is an interesting story as on one fine day her granddaughter wanted to learn shooting and mentioned this to her Dadi( Grand Mother) and in response Shooter Dadi said “Yes go and take admission ” and to this her granddaughter said she is scared to go alone and forced her Dadi to come along to the training school and what happened next was Chandro Tomar took the pistol and started shooting at the target and when the coach looked at it he was surprised as Dadi was hitting the targets consistently. The coach said she has immense talent and she must take this professionally.

Chandro Tomar the Revolver Dadi

After two years of good practice Dadi was so confident that she took up a shooting challenge with the DIG of Delhi and won the competition easily. Revolver Dadi is the world’s oldest sharp shooter and has won around 25 National medals in shooting and she is an inspiration in the family as her niece Seema Tomar was the first Indian woman to win a medal at the Rifle and Pistol World Cup in 2010. Her Granddaughter Shefali Tomar is also a professional shooter. This is one story which proves that age is just a number and if someone is stopping you from achieving what you want is only you and not anyone else and if someone can help you in achieving what you want then that individual is also you. So do what you want and there is never a wrong or right time to do anything.



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