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DDoS Protest for Change

DDoS Protest for Change seems strange but is the new age revolution. DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. If you will search the internet for DDoS it will come as attack. This is where the problem starts. DDoS Protest as the name suggests is a protest and not an attack. The definition of attack is something which is harmful to a society. DDoS Protest is more of a civil disobedience movement. This kind of protest is also known as Hacktivism and people who organise these protest are known as Hacktivist. Let us now understand how DDoS Protest is carried out in society.

DDoS Protest for Change

In DDoS the targeted machine is flooded with multiple request and it is ultimately shutdown. In simple terms if you want to protest for a shop or a bank then what you do is get a lot of people to stand in front of the shop or bank to block customers  from entering the shop or bank. Similarly if hacktivist think that government has not taken a decision correctly or if the government is acting as a bully than rather than going on the streets they just flood the government website and launch DDoS.

DDoS Protest for Change

If the hacktivist is not harming the website and stealing the data and its just a protest then there is no reason why they should be charged under cyber crime. It’s time to make some changes to the legislation of cyber crime and make DDoS protest legal. In this age for Internet Revolution, Government has to make its choice clearly. If the government takes internet only as a tool to win elections and curb everyone else’s freedom then as a society we are not going on the right path. DDoS is not a cyber crime. Distributed denial of service is a protest.






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