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Delhi Budget 2016

Delhi Budget 2016
Delhi Budget 2016

Manish Sisodia presented the Delhi Budget 2016 on 28th of march. Here are the some highlights of the Delhi Budget 2106. Before we come to the highlights of the budget lets take a point that the most of the money allocated in the last year’s budget still remains unused. Its good to make promises but to implement them is even better. The budget is good if it is implemented.


Delhi Budget 2016
Delhi Budget 2016
  • Total Budget – 47600 Cr.
  • Planned – 20600 Cr.
  • Non- Planned – 20000 Cr.
  • Education Budget: 10690 Cr.
  • They would be hiring teachers and work towars training them.
  • 48 Cr. for sport facilities in schools.
  • 676 Cr. for Drinking water. AAP has promised drinking water to every colony by december 2017.
  • 100 Cr for CCTV installation in schools.
  • 10 Cr. for Aam Aadmi Canteen.
  • 1000 Cr. for MCD.
  • They will open 100 small clinics called as mohalla clinics to work in health care section.
  • VAT has been reduced to 5% from 12.5% on school bags, watches, sweets and ready made garments.
  • 763 Cr. for Delhi Metro.
  • 325 Cr for 1000 new non-ac buses.
  • 100 Cr. for roads to be cleaned by Vaccum cleaner.
  • 2208 Cr for Road improvement.
  • 114 Cr. for proper lightining of roads.
  • They will bulit a skywalk from Qutub Minar to Metro station for tourism.
  • Government has launced bill banao inaam pao scheme that will boost good practice.\

The important part is that all this money that has been allocated has to be used properly and in the interest of the National capital. Delhi has to set an example of developement model . There has been a substantial decrease in the Delhi Tourism since last year so this has to be taken care of with utomost sincereity as Delhi represnts the Picture of India. If people find Delhi safe then it reflects on the entire country. Its high time that our government starts to focus on Human Developement Index(HDI). Lets Hope that AAP delivers on the promises.

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