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Exodus of Kasmiri Pundits – 26 years in Exile

I will start with a question that God forbid if someone comes to your house and threatens you and forces you to leave the house and city.  How would you feel?  Kashmiri Pundits are living with this truth for the past 26 years. Exodus of Kashmiri pundits is sensitive issue and no body talks about their 26 years in exile. This article might contain violent descriptions so it’s your choice you can close the page now. Readers discretion is advised. India as a country is based on the fabric of multi culturalism and when some extremist try to destroy it, then it’s the biggest crime because it’s about destroying the idea of India.

Exodus of Kasmiri Pundits - 26 years in Exile
Message to extremist

The story goes back to 1986 when Ghulam Mohammed Shah became the Chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir. To polarise the situation he constructed a Mosque inside the temple premises and named it as Shah masjid.  There were protests in Valley and in Jammu and to this he said Islam is in Danger.  This statement really polarised the situation in the valley and Kashmiri pundits were targeted for being Anti Muslim. There were solagans that leave your women and get out of the valley. People’s head were chopped off and thrown in front of Hindu houses.  Incidents like these really made the Kashmiri pundits insecure.  women were raped and their breasts being chopped off and hanged on trees and people were murdered like anything.  In January 1990 most newspaper headline was that they were orderering the Kashmiri pundits to leave the valley immediately.

Exodus of Kasmiri Pundits - 26 years in Exile
Protest for identity

Most thinkers believe the article 370 is the root cause why the situation is not improving in the valley.  If people are allowed to buy properties in the valley that will increase the multi culturalism and promote the actual idea of India. The question is when all this was happening where was Amnesty International, who is supposed to work for human rights.  We can only imagine what would be the condition of Kashmiri pundits who have been living like refugees in their own country.  More than the physical pain it’s more of an identity loss for them. What any extremist weather Hindu or Muslim must understand is that India is about all of us living together. The main agenda of BJP was the return of Kashmiri pundits, we don’t see any development in that case, hopefully they have not forgotten about it.  Let’s come together and raise a voice so that people who are in search of their home for tha past 26 years can finally go to the valley.

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