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God who loves Munch

God who loves Munch, yes you read that right. No matter how weird and strange it might sound but as they say truth has to accepted as it is. God who loves Munch and here we are talking about Nestle’s Munch the chocolate. India is a land of beliefs and amazing facts. Chemmoth Sree Subramaniya Swami Temple in kerala is a place where people offer Munch bars as ‘Prashad’ to God . ‘Balamurugan’ is the God we are talking about and children love to visit this temple because in ‘Prashad’  you get Munch chocolates . Now imagine your childhood and think why would you not love to go to a temple if you get chocolates in ‘Prashad’.

God who loves Munch

The story behind Munch chocolate being offered to God goes back to 8 years ago and they say that a kid fell severely ill and at night he was constantly murmuring the name of  ‘Balamurugan’ God and next day his parents went to Chemmoth Sree Subramaniya Swami Temple for the good health of child and offered the conventional flowers to God but the child loved Munch chocolates and he insisted that he want to give Munch Chocolate as offerings to God and what happened next was magic and the boy was miraculously cured the next day. The rest is history and till date people offer Munch chocolates to God.

God who loves Munch

People might find it superstitious and illogical but there are things in life that should not be judged by logic. Love is definitely one of them, child never offered Munch chocolates to God because he wanted to be cured, he offered those chocolates because he loved them and he was just sharing his Love with god and where there is Love then logic should take a back seat and let the Love flow. So the next time you visit God’s own country make sure you offer some Munch to the God with a sweet tooth.


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