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Mirchi and Mime

Mirchi and Mime

Mirchi and Mime is one of a kind restaurant located in Mumbai. Mirchi and Mime has their amazing tagline which says ‘Good food served quietly’ and which is actually true. This food place is amazing because of the staff it has and they are not normal people, these people are special and amazing like the restaurant. If you happen to go there then the staff would communicate with you in sign language. You must be thinking what is the need for that, the restaurant is India’s first which has employed people with hearing and speech disabilities and has given them equal opportunities to compete with the rest of the world.

Mirchi and Mime
amazing staff

Mirchi and Mime has most of the staff which gives the best service just with a few signs. Once you will visit the place there would be two people who would come to your table, the one will talk and make you understand how to order and what does each sign mean and then you can communicate with them and have amazing food served quietly on your table. Prashant Issar and Anuj Shah took inspiration from the Toronto based bistro chain named as signs and came up with the idea of Mirchi and Mime in March 2015.

Mirchi and Mime

Mirchi and Mime only employs people with hearing and speech disability and people order food with hand gestures. The menu of the restaurant is also one of a kind as along with the price and name it has image of the sign next to it,so you just follow that hand gesture and order the food. The staff of Mirchi and Mime has been trained by Dr. Reddy’s foundation. The best part of the place is that it opens door to the people who had speech or hearing difficulties in the hospitality industry. Mirchi and Mime is an amazing inspiration of creativity and community welfare. Don’t miss out on this amazing place.



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