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Gupta Empire – Golden Age of India

Gupta Empire - Golden Age of India
Gupta Empire - Golden Age of India

Gupta Empire forms the most important part of Indian History. Gupta Empire existed from 320 to 550 CE. Gupta Empire – Golden Age of India was India’s Most Peaceful and prosperous empire. Gupta Empire was founded by Sri Gupta around 320 C.E. The Main rulers of the Gupta Empire were Chandragupta 1, Samaudragupta and Chandragupta 2. This period is known as the golden age because of the inventions and discoveries that happened in this era. Most of the greatest thinkers were from this era. kalidas was from the Gupta Period. Lets Take a look at the rulers of Gupta empire.

  1. Sri Gupta(240 to 280).
  2. Ghatotkacha (280 to 315).
  3. Chandragupta I (320 to 335)
  4. Samudragupta (335 to 380)
  5. Chandragupta II (380 to 413/415)
  6. Kumaragupta I (415 to 455)
  7. Skandagupta (455 to 467)
  8. Purugupta (467 to 473)
  9. Kumaragupta II (473 to 476)
  10. Budhagupta (476 to 495)
  11. Narasimhagupta (495 )
  12. Kumaragupta III
  13. Vishnugupta (540 to 550)
  14. Vainyagupta (550 )
  15. Bhanugupta
  • Chandragupta 1 was the son of ghatotkacha and was married to Kumardevi who was the princess of Magadha and gave the Magadha Kingdom in Dowry.
  • Samurdagupta was also a powerful ruler who ruled for around 45 years.
  • When Samudragupta died he had conquered 20 kingdoms.
  • Historian Vincent smith called Samurdagupta as India Napoleon.
  • Chandragupta 2 or Vikramaditya is known for promoting Hindu art and literature.
  • Kalidas was among the nine jewels in the Kingdom of Vikramaditya.
Gupta Empire - Golden Age of India
Gupta Architecture
  • Skandgupta was the last powerful ruler of Gupta Empire.
  • Gupta Empire has the Legacy of Aryabhatta and Kalidas.
  • Gupta Empire was succeeded by Vardhan Dynasty.
  • Fa-hein a Chinese Buddhist who visited India during the Gupta Empire was highly impressed with the Gupta Administration.
  • During Gupta Empire Bow and Infant archery was their main weapon which was also known as ‘Dhanur – Veda’.
  • It is said during the period Chandragupta 2, they had a huge army which had around  500,000 infantry, 50,000 cavalry, 20,000 charioteers and 10,000 elephants.
  • If you talk about navy they had around 120 ships.

In all Gupta Empire was a peaceful and prosperous empire, It promoted Hinduism but not at the cost of destroying other faiths. Gupta’s encouraged Buddhism as well. These were the reasons that it was known as the Golden Age of India.


Source: wiki.

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