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Haryanka Dynasty in Indian history

Haryanaka Dynasty

Haryanaka Dynasty flourished from 544 BC to 412 BC and it was the part of Magadha Kingdom. There were three main Kings of Haryanaka Dynasty Bimbisara, Ajatashatru and Udayin. Historians say that Magadha Empire was the Most Powerfull Empire of that age. There can be a number of reasons of the success of Magadha Empire of which the most important was the geographical location of the Empire. Haryanka Dynasty florished in the fertile plains of river Ganges.

Origin of Haryanaka Dynasty

BIMBISARA: 544 BC – 412 BC

  • Bimbisara was the founder of Haryanaka Dynasty.
  • He married the princess of Kosala, Lichchhavi and madra which made him more powerfull as he clould expand his kingdom.
  • Bimisara built the city of Rajagriha.
  • He had a very powerfull standing army.
  • People say he was the disciple of Lord Buddha.
  • According to Jain traditions it is said he was reborn as the King Mahapadma.

Haryanaka Dynasty



  • He was the son of Bimbisara and he killed his father to become the king of Haryanaka Dynasty.
  • He was very agressive is his piloicies and that helped him take full control of Kashi.
  • Ajatashatru conquered Vajji with the help of Sunidha and Vatsakar.
  • He added kashi and Vaishali to the Magadha Empire making it even more Powerfull.
  • It was him who built the fort of Rajagriha in Patali on the banks of Ganges.

UDAYIN: 460 BC -440 BC

  • He was the son of Ajatashatru and the last powerfull ruler of Haryanaka Dynasty.
  • He is known for the foundation of the city of patliputra( patna ) .
  • It was during his reign that the capital shifted from Rajagriha to Patliputra.
  • He was succeeded by some not so powerfull kings like Naga-Dasak.



  • People didnot find Naga-Dasak who was the last king of Haryanaka Dynasty very good so they elected his minister Shisunaga as the King.
  • Shisunaga is known of ending the age old rivalry between Magadha and Avanti.
  • It was during his reign that Avanti became a part of Magadha Kingdom.


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