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Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes

Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes
Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes

Tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable and there are several Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes. India is the second largest producer of tomatoes after China. Tomatoes contain a substance known as lycopene and vitamin C which makes it a healthy fruit. It is believed that tomatoes originated in south America. Here are some of the amazing Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes.

1.) Tomatoes contain lycopene which is substance used in facial creams and cleansers. Eating tomatoes is good for your skin.

2.) If we go by the research of tufts and Boston University, the tomatoes can lower your chance of heart diseases by 30%.

3.) Tomatoes contain lycopene that can decrease your chance of getting prostate and stomach cancer.

4.) Tomatoes contain coumaric acid  and chlorogenic acid that decreases the bad effects of first and second hand smoking.

5.) Tomatoes mixed with spinach juice can improve your digestion and functioning of liver.

6.) Tomatoes contain Vitamin A which good for your eyes and can also keep your hair thick and shiny.

7.) Some studies have suggested  that tomatoes produces amino acids carnitine that has fat burning capacity.

8.) Tomatoes are a rich source of anti oxidants and can help in preventing mouth cancer as suggested is a study by the Harvard school of Public Health.

9.) It is also proved that good consumption of Tomatoes can prevent diseases which are related to gall bladder such as gall stones.

10.) Tomatoes are very good source of the mineral potassium .

Tomato as a fruit is easily available and can be coupled with anything like sandwiches or can also be eaten as salad. Organic tomatoes are considered to be more nutrient rich then normal tomatoes. It is said in a research that the skin of tomato contain high quantity of carotenoids which are very good for human body . Tomatoes are always advised to be eaten without peeling off the skin.

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  • Tomato is very beneficial for health. It has so many benefits in all seasons. In winter, tomato soup is very good for health and it is keeps our hair thick and shiny. Moreover, it can be used for face glowing.

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