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How real is Ramayana: The truth behind The Ramayana?

How real is Ramayana: The truth behind The Ramayana?

How real is Ramayana: The truth behind The Ramayana?We all have asked this question that did Ramayana actually happened. In the past people did not ask such questions as it was considered Blasphemous. The moot question is what is the truth behind The Ramayana? Nandita Krishnan the famous historian once said ‘To doubt Rama is to doubt the entire literature’. We should be allowed to ask question even if the question is about the existence of God itself. Here we will take both the perspective that what are the proofs of Ramayana and if Ramayana was just a story.

Ramayana is the story of King Rama and his struggle with his principles and Ravana and it signifies the victory of good over evil. Ramayana was written by Valmiki and if we consider that it was just a story then Valmiki was brilliant because first he wrote an amazing story and then built some temples to support it and spoke to other writers as well as the proofs of Ramayana were found at least on 30 sites in Sri Lanka. All these Proofs of Ramayana concludes that it cannot be just a story, there is a possibility that the story might have been exaggerated with time but Rama’s existence cannot be questioned.

The pertinent questions is here that does logic support the belief or logic has been put up because there is immense belief. We leave this question to you and let’s hope that common sense prevails which has a good amalgamation of Logic and Belief. Lets’s take a look at the evidences of Ramayana and which proves that Ramayana was real.

We will talk about the sites, temples and proofs that support Ramayana and will try to find the truth behind The Ramayana.

The truth behind The Ramayana?

How real is Ramayana: The truth behind The Ramayana?

  • The first concrete proof of Ramayana is the Rama Setu bridge and the pictures that were released by NASA confirmed that the bridge was man made and it was the first land route between India and  Sri Lanka.

How real is Ramayana: The truth behind The Ramayana?

  • The bridge was built from Rameshwaram to Sri Lanka and till date there are stones found in Rameshwaram which do not sink but float on water.

How real is Ramayana: The truth behind The Ramayana?

  • When Hanuman went for Sanjivini in the mountains and took out the entire hill is a place for real which exists in Dronagiri.
  • Ravana kept Sita in a garden named as Ashok Vatika and which is an actual place in Sri Lanka named as Hakgala Botanical garden.

How real is Ramayana: The truth behind The Ramayana?

  • There is another evidence of Ramayana when Ravana was taking Sita to Sri Lanka, He bumped into Jatayu who was a God in the form of Vulture and that place is for real in Andhra Pradesh known as Lepakshi.
  • Ramayana was for real as you can find huge footprints of Hanumana in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Ramayana was not a myth as all this points to only one conclusion that Ramayana actually happened.

Vijaydashmi is celebrated when King Rama killed Ravana is Srilanka and then they returned to Ayodhya and when King Rama reached Ayodhya then everybody celebrated which is now celebrated as Diwali. The important thing to understand here is Diwali is celebrated after 21 days to Vijaydashmi. If you search by walk on google maps the time it takes from Srilanka to Ayodhya is actually around 21 Days. See the amazing screenshot below.

How real is Ramayana: The truth behind The Ramayana?

What needs to be understood here is that questioning is never wrong and it should not be considered as Blasphemy and Ramayana was for real and not only Ramayana all the other Religions whether its Prophet, Jesus Christ or Gautam Buddha, they all were for real and they existed and to follow them is always good. The problem comes when you start demeaning other Religions, as God is about oneness, their forms and followers might be different but the power is one.

Someone once said that clarity of thought is the most difficult thing to achieve in life and when it comes to Religion then the clarity really struggles as belief sometimes takes the form of ignorance, there is nothing wrong in Religion but it should not be confused with rituals.


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