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Indian History – Indus Valley to Gandhian Era

Indian History
Indian History

Indian History dates back to more than 70000 years back. If we talk about Indian history then the name INDIA is taken from the indus river which became the foundation of one of the Great civilizations which was the indus valley civilization. Vedic period is considered as the golden age in context of History. The diversity that we see in our great nation is because it had a mix of culture over the years. Indus valley civilization and vedic civilization were the foundations of social civilization in the history of India. Here are the civilizations that thrived in India over the years.

  1. Indus Valley Civilization.
  2. Vedic Period.
  3. Magadha Empire.
  4. Maurya Empire.
  5. Sunga dynasty.
  6. Satavahana Dynasty.
  7. The Sakas.
  8. The Parthians.
  9. The Kushans.
  10. The Sangam Period.
  11. Gupta Period
  12. Vardhana Dynasty.
  13. Delhi Sultanate.
  14. Tughlaq Dynasty.
  15. Sayyid Dynasty.
  16. Lodhi Dynasty.
  17. Mughal Period.
  18. Maratha State.
  19. Maratha Confederacy.
  20. Struggle of India for India.
  21. The Gandhian Era.


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