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Indian National Flag

The Indian National Flag was adopted on 22nd July 1947 by the constituent assembly. The Indian National Flag was designed by Pingali Venkayya. The National Flag is also known as tricolour or tiranga as it is comprised of three colours. The Indian flag is rectangular in shape in the ratio of 3:2 in which length and breadth are in this ratio. Tricolour as the name suggests has three colours which are saffron, white and green and a ashok chakra in the center with 24spokes painted in navy blue colour.

Indian National Flag
British India flag

Every colour and every symbol mentioned in the flag has its own significance.

  • Saffron colour denotes renunciation and dedication towards nation.
  • The white colour symbolises path of truth and light.
  • Green colour symbolises the importance of our relation to the soil and plant life on this planet.
  • Ashok chakra symbolises the wheel of dharma and truth and it also denotes motion,which means as a nation we should always be moving.
Indian National Flag
Mahatma gandhi’s flag 1921
  • As per the law Indian National Flag should be made of khadi, an idea introduced by Mahatma Gandhi to make the country self sufficient.
  • The guidelines of manufacturing and design are maintained by Beureo of Indian standards.
  • The authority to manufacture the flag is held by Khadi development and village industries limited.
Indian National Flag
Swaraj flag of 1931
  • As per the original flag code citizens were not allowed to hoist the National Flag except on Independence day and Republic day.
  • As per the appeal by Naveen Jindal in 2002, Supreme Court of India gave a historic judgement to hoist the flag whenever you want, provided you follow a few codes.
  • As per the law if you insult the National Flag you are bound to three years imprisonment and fine or both.
  • Indian National Flag is the pride of India and should be respected from heart and symbolises our struggle to become an independent Nation.

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