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Indus Valley Civilization

Indus valley civilization

Indus valley civilization which was developed on the Indus river which is one of the most important rivers to INDIA and PAKISTAN. It is also known as harrapan civilization. The two important sites of this civilization were Harrapa and Mohenjo-daro . According to Historians Harappa was first mentioned and illustrated by a British soldier named James Lewis who wrote under the pseudonym Charles Masson. UNESCO has recognized Harappa and Mohenjo-daro as the world heritage sites. The most prominent feature of Indus valley civilization was the organized society and lifestyle they built. There were baked brick houses and a proper drainage system and urban planning was also there and remains of offices constructed were also seen by the archaeological survey of India. It was extended not only in India but also to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran .Urban Planning

According to Historians it is said that the population of this civilization would have been more than 4 million. Indus script which was used in the Indus valley civilization is still deciphered. The people of Indus valley civilization were very good in measuring leghth, mass and time. Indus Valley civilization is also known for developing metallurgy. The haprrapan people had great skill of bulding docks. If we talk about art and craft in Indus valley civilization they were good in pottery. Seals are the highlights of this civilization. Trade and transport were carried out by bullock carts. Excavations carried out show us the evidence that there have been statues found of Shiva and pashupati. Indus Valley civilization is great example of great governance as there was no single ruler. Different states had differet rulers and everybody enjoyed equal status. The major points that should be notice of this civilization were

  1. Urban Planning
  2. Good Governance.
  3. Good Sanitation.
  4. Good Engineering Skills.
  5. Knowledge of Metullary.
  6. Knowledge of art and crafts.
  7. Indus script.

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