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Invention of Chess in India

Invention of chess
Invention of chess

Origin of Chess : It is a mystery that from where the Invention of chess has been done.India is known as the earliest predecessor of chess originated before 6th century AD during Gupta Empire i.e. In Golden Age of India between 4th to 6th century- 320 CE to 550 CE. A game of strategy and tactics introduced in Persia being a part of princely education of Persian nobility then spread in Europe and Russia. As we belive about six hunded million ( 600,000,000) people know how to play chess worldwide.

Chess board

Mathematically,chess is a game of 8X8 square board called Chaturanga and the name chatunga taken from Indian epic Mahabharata which means four parts (Elephants, Chariots, Horsemen and Foot soldiers).

Chess is a game of two player having 16 pieces individually and there is six types of pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops and eight pawns. Queen is the most powerful piece and Pawn is the least powerful piece.



Federation internationale des echecs is the international governing body for chess which was founded in 1924. Fide is headquartered at Athens in Greece. The motto of Fide is  ‘We are one People’. Fide is recognised International Olympic Committee(IOC). The rules which are recognised in all international matches are defined by fide.

Vishwanathan Anand 

Invention of chess in india

If you talk about chess than the name that comes to your mind Vishwanathan Anand.  He has become the world champion countless times and has been the numero uno for 21 months on the trot.  He has been awarded Rajiv Gandhi Khel ratna award and Padma Vibhushan by the Indian Government for his unparallel success in world Chess arena.


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