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Journey Towards Heartfulness

Journey Towards Heartfulness

Journey Towards Heartfulness can be a life changing event, if you are able to understand the concept of Heartfulness. The question here is, What is Heartfulness? It is easy to understand Heartfulness as it means filling your Heart with the divine light. When your Heart is full of light and you are able to comprehend your existence then surely you are on the Journey Towards Heartfulness. There is one more definition as Mr. Kamlesh D. Patel explains in his bookThe Heartfulness Way is that it is about Heart-based Meditation for spiritual transformation. The crux is that to get on the Journey Towards Heartfulness we must meditate.

Journey Towards Heartfulness


Meditation is a popular word and everyone thinks that they understand it and if we talk about the actual meaning of meditation then it means just thinking over. What meditation means is actually ironical in a sense because everyone tells us that while you are meditating then you should not be thinking. When you are meditating and if you try to control the thoughts of your mind then you might end up thinking more. Heartfulness has a solution which says just sit down in a relaxing position and Bring your attention to the source of a light which is already in your heart. Think that it is attracting you towards itself. There would be instances where your mind would digress but you again put your focus on the light and practice it for the time in which you are comfortable. To know details about this way you can click here.

Journey Towards Heartfulness

Journey Towards Heartfulness is about understanding your existence and knowing your individuality which defines spirituality. Spirituality is about understanding that a human being is more vast than a universe and every answer that you ever wanted to know is within you and in this era of technology be your own Google and rather than finding answers outside Discover yourself with Heartfulness. Once you will start practising Heart-based meditation then you will realise that in all this chaos Peace is as close as just closing your eyes and moving towards the light. Always remember one thing that to start meditation and to discover yourself you do not need anyone as you know yourself best so be your own Guru and lets go on the Journey Towards Heartfulness.



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