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Justice For Jisha

A 30 year old girl named Jisha was found dead in kerala. After the post mortem report it was found she was brutally raped and then murdered. Justice for Jisha is the hashtag that’s been trending on social media after this heinous crime.  What post mortem report was so horrific that she was stabbed around 30 times and her intestine were taken apart. This case reminds people of the horrific case of jyoti singh(Nirbhaya) which happened in the capital city in 2012.

Justice for Jisha
Stop this!

As per reports everyday 93 girls are sexually assaulted in India.  This is a dangerous data.  The question is a country which has been facing the problem of female infanticide for so long and with these brutal rapes happening every now and then, the situation is very critical. There has to be introspection done about the entire society that is built up.  If things are not improving then something is definitely wrong with the way we are raising our boys. My question is that punishment for rape should not be the same like other crimes.

Justice for Jisha
Protest against the system

The pertinent question is people who treat girls as objects and in a inhuman behaviour, should human rights be applied for them.  Human rights are for humans not for these inhuman creatures. There has to be fast track courts and a punishment that suits the crime. These incidents are increasing day by day and this is an alarming situation and if required from the start subjects should be included in syllabus about respecting women because obviously our parenting system is not able to teach these values. It’s time for India to take a stand against these cases and speak in one voice against heinous crimes against our women. Respect Women around you and everywhere you see, let’s make our country safe for women and a beautiful place to live in.

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