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Kanhaiya Kumar the Hypocrite

Kanhaiya Kumar the hypocrite raised anti India slogans in the heart of the country in February. JNU which gives subsidised education to all their students and the money is paid by us in the form of tax.  The pertinent question is are we paying taxes to see slogans against our own country. Kanhaiya Kumar says he comes from a poor family then the question is why is not concentrating on his studies and try to improve his financial condition rather than catching the eye of media with these wannabes acts. Today we are going to unveil the hypocrisy of Kanhaiya Kumar.

kanhaiya Kumar the hypocrite
kanhaiya Kumar the hypocrite

What they were celebrating in JNU was the terrorist Afzal guru.  If the Constitution has given a verdict on a person then if you celebrate him is not anti India.  The slogans that they raised were India ki barbadi. A country that nurtures you feeds you and protects you and giving slogans like this is is not anti India.  Even the Google knows it,  if you search antinational in Google map it will take you to JNU. Kanhaiya Kumar says he believes in the Constitution of India, then why does he call the afzal guru’s death sentence as judicial constitution,  is this not hypocrisy.

kanhaiya Kumar the hypocrite
kanhaiya Kumar the hypocrite
  • Kanhaiya Kumar says he comes from a poor family but he travels to Mumbai by air.
  • He says he is poor but uses an I phone.
  • When he was charged with sedition he said he believes in Indian constitution, then why he said afzal guru’s was a judicial killing.
  • He says he needs freedom from caste system and sangwaad.. Was he sleeping before BJP came to power.
  • JNU disciplinary committee has also found omar khalid and him guilty in anti India campaign.
  • He says I was framed incorrectly and he never raised slogans but he was there, can a true patriot listen to these slogans infront of him and not object them.
  • The sad part is people like him can defame the country for their personal fame and career in politics,  what’s more sad is that some political groups are supporting people like him for personal gains.
kanhaiya Kumar the hypocrite
Terrorism has no religion?



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