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Lost somewhere between Religion, God and Spirituality

Lost somewhere between Religion, God and Spirituality, is it the case. The pertinent question is what do we need among these three or do we need all of them. Could there really be a path to God that could be attained by Religion or Spirituality. Did God ever wanted us to follow a path to attain him. If we have experts of Religion who follow and practice the rituals everyday and still have not found God then what are the odds of commoners like us who practice their jobs like Religion and follow Religion part time to attain God. What is the role of God in our life? Since the time we were a child, our parents told us was we should  pray to God. What exactly is a prayer and is God’s only job is to answer Good, Bad, Greedy, selfish, selfless and ugly Prayers. That’s why we are Lost somewhere between Religion, God and Spirituality.

Lost somewhere between Religion, God and Spirituality

What if someone told you that God has no power over your life and he doesn’t want to listen to your Prayers and is not at all interested in your selfish Prayers. Would you still Love God and would you still remember God knowing the fact he cannot do anything. Can you Love God just because you like remembering him and it gives you Happiness rather than expecting anything in return. Religion is a set of Basic rules and rituals and where everything starts and ends with a prayer. Did God gave you this beautiful life and amazing body and great mind so that you could come everyday and beg for things in the form of a Prayer. God is beyond Religion, Prayer or wants and we should try to discover the magnitude of God rather than inventing God in our selfish needs.


God and Spirituality

Now a days Spirituality is a cool thing to talk about and you see everyone mentions this word sometime or the other. Spirituality comes from the spirit which means soul, breath of life. Spirituality is always about your inner-self and spirituality has nothing to with God. Spirituality is about finding your true self and which is very difficult to attain as everyday we meet so many people and go through so many situations that we are constantly trying to adapt our-self to these situations and in the process we are losing our true self. Spirituality talks about changing and correcting yourself in day to day events. Corrections will only come when there is a self-realisation that we are at fault. This brings us to the amazing quote from Atharva Veda:

Lost somewhere between Religion, God and Spirituality

Every fall makes a dent; every fault has to be corrected; and every sin has to be cleansed. Everyone is a prisoner.”

Yes we are all prisoners and we have created this prison with our never ending wants and needs and there is not much wrong with that as well but what’s wrong is to ask God to fulfil these needs and Beg to him everyday for these wants in the form of a prayer.

We all have to make the choice that do we Love God as a blessing in our life or do we worship him because he is going to fulfil our needs. “God should be in our constant remembrance as he should be the reason for our Happiness which is the only purpose of Human existence.” That’s why they say God is Love and Love is Happiness. Love without expectations and that kind of love will always envelope you with Happiness.


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