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MS Swaminathan – Father of Green Revolution

MS Swaminathan born on 7th August 1925 is a geneticist and India’s greatest agricultural scientist. MS Swaminathan is renowned as the father of green revolution in India. He is also the founder of MS Swaminathan research foundation. He not only lead India towards sustainable development but also the world.  He has held important posts in India and world. He was the director general for Indian council of agricultural research from 1972 to 1979. He has also served as the president of international union for the conservation of nature and natural resources. Time magazine featured him as the 20 most influential people of Asia in 1999.

MS Swaminathan - Father of Green Revolution
MS Swaminathan

Green revolution was a movement initiated by India to increase the production of food by using the agronomic technology.  MS Swaminathan is the pioneer of green revolution in India. He planted the high yielding varieties seeds in the fields of poor farmers.  The main focus of green revolution was:

  • Use of high yielding varieties of seeds.
  • Use of insecticides and pesticides.
  • Expanding the agricultural infrastructure.
  • Better land reforms.
  • Use of drip irrigation.

It is because of green revolution that today India ranks second in the world in terms of farm output. India is the seventh largest agricultural exporter in the world. It is because of the green revolution that India is the largest producer of rice in the world.

MS Swaminathan - Father of Green Revolution
Green revolution

MS Swaminathan is one of the greatest Indians that we have today.  Due to his extensive research and green revolution India today can feed itself. Let’s look at the recognition that he got :

  • Padma Shri in 1967
  • Ramaon magasasay in 1971.
  • Padma Bhushan in 1972.
  • Albert Einstein’s world award for science in 1986.
  • Padma Vibhushan in 1989.
  • World food prize in 1987.
  • Volvo environment prize in 1999.
  • Indira Gandhi peace prize in 1999.

MS Swaminathan is the real gem of India, we wonder why he has not given the Bharat Ratna yet.  People like him has taken India to where it is now.

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