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Never go to sleep on an argument : The Science behind it

Never go to sleep on an argument : The Science behind it
Never go to sleep on an argument : The Science behind it

There is an old adage that says ‘Never go to sleep on an argument’, If you ask couples or married people they all are guilty of doing it several times. There is also a saying that ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’. When surveyed about this this question that, Do you Sleep after an argument then most men have done it as compared to women. Men think that best way to avoid an argument is to keep silent and just sleep and new day will bring good things. Its a nice theory but it doesn’t work unfortunately because women think otherwise. Women make the point that how can they even get sleep without resolving the argument. Guys you have a bad news the Science is with Women this time.

There is a new research from United States that has observed around 700 couples in the age group of 35 to 66 and found that people who gave more time to their partners and conversed with them had better sleep and better health. The basic break through that has come in this research is that people with more responsive partners lead a better life and were found to be low on anxiety and arousal which in turns gives you good sleep.

The thing to remember here is that ‘Silence is gold’ doesn’t hold good all the time and when you are in relationship then being responsive is very vital. There would always be tensed situations in your life and relationship and people who are responsive generally get through them easily by talking to each other and making their partners comfortable. So, guys stop being secretive and ‘Like Angry Man’ talk to your partners and make them comfortable. Being responsive is the key to good sleep and which gives you a healthy and happy life.




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