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Operation Flood- The White Revolution

Operation Flood – The white revolution refers to the project that aimed at making India a self sufficient milk producer in the world. In 1970 under India’s greatest Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shahstri a meeting was called to discuss how we can meet the Milk needs of the nation as the milk production was very low and the demand was very high. At that time was a milk deficient country. Lal Bahadur shahstri the Prime minister of India and the chairman and founder of Amul made Verghese Kurein as the chairman of National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). Lal bahadur shahstri and Dr. Verghese Kurein were the two leading men and stalwarts of this Operation Flood – The white revolution.

Operation Flood- The White Revolution
Operation Flood

There were three main objectives of the operating flood :

  • Increase in milk production at a very large scale.
  • Increase in rural employment and rural engagement and income.
  • Fair prices for consumers.

In the phase 1 which was from 1970-80, Indian took skimmed milk powder and butter oil from European economic community under the word food program. In the first phase only metro cities were target and mother dairies were set up in this initial phase.

There was huge criticism under phase 1 and people dismissed this project but Dr. Kurein had a vision and what happened in 2nd phase was absolutely magical when 43000 village cooperatives and 42,50000 milk producers were covered under operation Flood. The milk production increased from 22,000 tons to 1,40,000 tons in 1989.

Operation Flood- The White Revolution
The white revolution

In the 3Rd phase 30,000 more societies were added to the existing 43,000 cooperatives and it was in this phase that the infrastructure was built properly. From being India a milk deficient country in 1970 and in 1998 it surpassed U.S.A. To become the largest producer of milk in the world.  It was under this project that Amul became such a huge brand as we know of it as The Taste of India.  People like lal bahadur shahstri and Dr. Verghese Kurein are the real gems of India and we need more people like them who have a vision and an idea to implement that vision.

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