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Read and Plant the Mainichi way

Read and Plant the Mainichi way

Read and Plant the Mainichi way is the answer to all environment issues. This Japanese newspaper has revolutionised the environment friendly use of paper. In the last 40 years the paper consumption has increased by 400 percent and everyday more than 2 million trees are cut down to meet the need of this paper. The world has become a digital place in the last 20 years but the use of paper is there in the form of newspaper, books, bags and what not. Mainichi newspaper comes up with a brilliant idea that you read the paper and then tear it and bury it in the soil and after a a few days it becomes a plant and that’s why we say Read and Plant the Mainichi way.

Read and Plant the Mainichi way

Mainichi sells around four million copies a day and is involved in global issues and which is reflected in their motto as well which says “The Mainichi doesn’t take action only through information, but also by solving global issues,”. Margret mead said that “We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment”. The society somehow needs paper in some form or the other so this initiative by Mainichi becomes a life saver. Check out the video below.

Mainichi is the first fertile newspaper and you bury the news in soil after reading it and it turns into beautiful plants and flowers. The pages of this newspaper are recyclable and contain seeds. The other amazing part is that the ink is made of vegetables and acts as fertilisers for the plants. It is the only newspaper that completes the cycle of nature which is paper made from plants gets converted into plants only. The lesson to be learnt from Mainichi is that we all have to contribute to the environment because we all are using it and it is our duty to work towards sustainable development. Indiathenation is towards the motto ‘Save the environment and Save the Earth’.


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