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Significance of bindi and ajna chakra

Significance of bindi and ajna chakra

We all have seen women and girls putting a Bindi on their forehead and there is no doubt how beautiful they look with that amazing bindi. Significance of bindi and ajna chakra describes how bindi is not only useful for superficial beauty but it is a way to make you spiritually beautiful. If we talk about the history of bindi then it goes back a long time, Bindi is as old as Vedas. Bindi or Bindu( Dot between the eyebrows and at the centre of forehead) was first mentioned in Rig Veda in Nasadiya Sukta. Traditionally Bindi used to be red or maroon in colour and a vermilion powder was applied over it, with time it has not been restricted to colour, shape or size, People wear different types of Bindi depending on their definition of Fashion.

Significance of bindi and ajna chakra

The question still remains, does Bindi also enhance your spiritual Beauty? Bindi has been linked to the ajna chakra. It is also known as the third eye. In Hinduism there are different chakras in a human body and ajna chakra is the sixth chakra. Ajna chakra helps you to connect your body with your mind based on your intuitions in a spiritual way. Hinduism describes ajna chakra as a way to connect your eyes with your conscience. Ajna Chakra is located behind the pineal gland, the same gland which is responsible for producing hormones like serotonin and melatonin which are responsible for your perceptions and it is said low levels of serotonin leads to depression. The pineal gland and ajna chakra are closely associated and Bindi is applied to show respect to the chakra and the gland.

In Hinduism the way Ajna chakra looks is very interesting, it is said that Ajna Chakra is a transparent lotus flower that has two white petals and these two white petals signifies psychic channels( Nadis ). On the left petal the word “ham” (हं) is written which signifies Shiva and on the right petal the letter “ksham” (क्षं) is written which signifies Shakti. At the centre Om is mentioned which is the universal sound. The crux of the matter is that Ajna Chakra or the third eye keeps you connected to our spiritual being and helps you to correlate the physical and spiritual world.

Significance of bindi and ajna chakra

According the Hinduism, the spiritual powers of the world enters your mind and body through the gateway of Ajna Chakra. It is said if you meditate on your Ajna chakra it is said to bring Siddhi( Occult powers) to you. When Bindi has such a fantastic interpretation and history then it is supposed to be put with that logic. The sad part is that a very few people know about this fact. All Religions have beautiful interpretation of the customs they have put on, but not knowing them and just following them is as superficial as having a Botox to make yourself beautiful. No matter what Religion you belong to, do not follow just the superficial part, learn the logic behind it and have that thought in mind and then follow it and then we all will understand the beauty of Religion and then we will come to know that Religion and spirituality goes hand in hand, we just don’t understand it. Request to all the beautiful women across the world, Next time you put on a Bindi have the thought of Ajna Chakra in mind and then see how good and wonderful it feels.



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