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Smiling Buddha that Scared the World

Smiling Buddha that Scared the World
Smiling Buddha that Scared the World

Smiling Buddha was the code name of India’s first successful nuclear bomb test. The name Smiling Buddha was given because the test was done on 18th may 1974 on the occasion Gautam Buddha Jayanti. It was one smiling Buddha that Scared the World. It was a big surprise for the world because India was the first country outside the United Nation Security Council that successfully completed this test. Smiling Buddha happened in Pokhran Test Range in Rajasthan under the guidance of Army Officials. Homi J. Bhabha also known as the father of Indian Nuclear Programme was the guiding force behind it. India started its research in Nuclear power pre independence in 1944 when Homi J. Bhabha founded the Tata institute of fundamental Research. India never signed the nuclear non proliferation treaty under the leadership of Mr. Nehru and he famously quoted ‘We must develop this atomic energy quite apart from war — indeed I think we must develop it for the purpose of using it for peaceful purposes. … Of course, if we are compelled as a nation to use it for other purposes, possibly no pious sentiments of any of us will stop the nation from using it that way’ . This Statement from Mr Nehru send clear statements that India will develop Nuclear weapons if they are compelled to and suddenly New Delhi became the talk of the town.


Smiling Buddha that Scared the World
India’s nuclear test

In the 1971 Indo-pak war, Richard Nixon the president of U.S.A. sent carrier battle groups in the bay of Bengal to terrorise India and then India’s Big Brother the Soviet Union came to the rescue by sending Submarines with Nuclear Missiles to deter the U.S. forces and then India convincingly defeated Pakistan and Bangladesh was created. In 1972 Indira Gandhi who was the Prime Minister of India gave full authority to Bhabha Atomic research centre(BARC)  to manufacture nuclear devices. When the first successful test happened in Pokhran then with the world it actually caught U.S. off guard. Smiling Buddha was one secret operation that surprised everyone in the world and made our neighbour jealous. Laughing Buddha is supposed to bring prosperity and wealth to you, but what Smiling Buddha gave to India was the clout and power it was looking for and it surely scared the world.

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