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Story of Impossible Burger

Story of Impossible Burger goes back to 2011. Before we talk about the story of Impossible Burger, we need to understand the dynamics of meat consumption and production. Human beings love for meat goes back to the start of civilization, when the only source of food were animals and hunting was the way to do it. As time passed we started farming and domestication of animals . Experts say that if farming led to civilization then hunting was the reason of brain development.

Story of Impossible Burger
Story of Impossible Burger

In 20th century farm research and modern science has enabled us to breed animals as per our demand which is increasing every day. Weight of a chicken in 1950s was around 1 kgs and with growth promoting hormones it weighs around 4 kgs in 2019. Language played a vital role in meat consumption. Cow was replaced with beef and pig was replaced with pork and meat came in fancy packages and that’s how it disconnected us from reality. The amount of water and green house gas used in meat production is taking a toll on the planet.

Story of Impossible Burger

Impossible foods company was founded in 2011 and was ready to substitute meat products with plant based products. The company says that making plant based meat  uses 95% less land and 74% less water, and it emits about 87% less green house gases. The question here is would the people accept it and like it . What if we could grow meat in a laboratory? There are a few companies who are making animal meat without killing an animal. Impossible Burger is trying to achieve the same feat. What they do is cultivate chicken cells and let them grow in a lab giving it a cell culture. The process takes around 9 weeks. Mark post made first of this lab grown burger and it was very expensive and costs around $330 but with funds and techniques it has come down to $10.

Story of Impossible Burger

The question will always remain that would people accept it and eat it. Language is going to play a pivotal role in the story of Impossible Burger. We need to camaflouge these products and advertise them in such a way that they sound edible. We look forward to this technology and see what future holds.

Source: Wikipedia and Netflix.



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