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The End of Krishna and Pandavas

The End of Krishna and Pandavas
The End of Krishna and Pandavas

The End of Krishna and Pandavas is a moot question and people often ask that what actually happened after the epic battle of Mahabharata. People have often argued that when the almighty Krishna was involved in the battle of Mahabharata then why did he allowed it to happen and he could have stopped it. During the battle Arjuna also asked Krishna that these people are my brothers and relatives and how could I go to war against them. Krishna then explains to Arjuna that death is irrelevant and what is important is the purpose or ‘Dharma’ and when someone is evil or wrong he is just that and he cannot be your brother, uncle or any relative . The conversations that Krishna had with Arjuna during the war, later became verses in Bhagwad Gita. Krishna was able to convince Arjuna to go to war against his brother kauravas and what happened next was utter carnage and the victory of Pandavas.

The End of Krishna and Pandavas

After all the carnage and Kauravas being killed, Gandhari in anger cursed Krishna that same would happen to your family and Krishna being the almighty accepted the curse. After some years war breaks out between Yadavas and they start killing each other and literally killing the last Yadav left on planet. A hunter by mistake shoots an arrow at he foot of Krishna and then almighty leaves the mortal world . When all this was happening Pandavas renounce everything and start moving towards Himalayas followed by a dog and one by one each of them start falling and disappearing away. Only the dog and Yudhishthira  were left on their way and after that Dog comes in the form of Yama God and he takes him to the underworld which is equivalent to hell and where Yudhishthira see his wife and siblings for the bad deeds they did and Yama explains that they would be here for a while and they would be sent to heaven. The lesson to be learnt is that no matter how good you are and may be God can be on your side but the wheel of Dharma will strike and you would have to pay for your deeds.

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