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Tipu Sultan – Tiger Of Mysore

Tipu Sultan - Tiger Of Mysore
Tipu Sultan - Tiger Of Mysore

Tipu Sultan also called as the Tiger Of Mysore was born on 20th November 1750 and died on 4th May 1799. Tipu Sultan is considered as India’s Greatest Ruler who defeated the British Army number of times. Tipu Sultan was the son of Hyder Ali, who was the King of Mysore. At a very early age Tipu Sultan was the given the military training and he was integral in the wars fought by his father Hyder Ali. In the First Anglo Mysore war when he was only 15 years of age he accompanied his father. Tipu Sultan was a great ruler and if there were more rulers like him then Britishers would never have ruled India. Here are the list of wars that were fought by Tipu Sultan – Tiger Of Mysore

 Tipu Sultan - Tiger Of Mysore
Tipu Sultan – Tiger Of Mysore
  • Second Anglo Mysore war: It started in 1779 when a territory that was protected by Tipu Sultan was attacked by the British and in response Tipu Sultan Attacked with an army of 10000 and defeated Colonel Baillie and Hector Munro who was about to join Colonel Baillie, when he heard the news of the defeat he backed away. In the same war Tipu Sultan also defeated colonel Braithwaite and in 1781 he acquired chittur from the British forces. After his father died in 1782, He became the King Of Mysore. The second Anglo Mysore war came to an end with the famous Treaty of Manglore.
  • Tipu Sultan had good relations with Napoleon Bonaparte and it is said with the help of Tipu Sultan he came very close in conquering Egypt.
 Tipu Sultan - Tiger Of Mysore
Tipu Sultan – Tiger Of Mysore
  • Third Anglo Mysore war: In 1789 Tipu Sultan attacked the British army in Coimbatore against Lord Cornwallis. Tipu Sultan never realised that British were powerful in South and this lead to the Failure of this campaign. British captured both his sons and he paid the British huge amount of money to free them.
  • Tipu Sultan planned to take British completely out of India. He made a plan with Napoleon and it was decided that after Napoleon would conquer Egypt, then he will send 15000 troops and will attack the British. This was an unsuccessful attempt.
  • Fourth Anglo Mysore war: In 1798 British army marched into Mysore and broke through the city walls and Tipu Sultan knew about the surprise attack and his french military adviser told him to escape and fight another day and to his surprise Tipu Sultan Replied”One day of life as a Tiger is far better than thousand years of living as a Sheep”.  Tipu Sultan died on 4th may 1799 in an attempt to defend his territory. 
  • Tipu Sultan was the one who invented the Mysorean Rockets.

In the Indian History Tipu Sultan is one of few rulers who stood against British and succeeded as well.

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