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The story of Time and how it defines life

The story of Time and how it defines life

The story of Time and how it defines life. The story will continue as it always has what counts is, did you enjoyed the story or were you just waiting for it to get over, so that you can start a new story. The question will always remain that why we always want to be ahead of the time? Time is such a powerful word that it defines everything in your life. People always say clichés like ‘Is it the right time to do it?’ or they say ‘Time is Money’ and there are number of such boring and irrelevant quotes that you come across in books and social media.

The story of Time and how it defines life

We all know Time is irreversible and what happened today cannot be changed tomorrow and this brings to the greatest stupidity of human beings that what is going to happen tomorrow can be changed. The moot point is how you can change something which has not happened and if you still believe that you can change that, than it means you have an assumption of what it’s going to be like tomorrow. Is time all about Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow or is there a wider definition to it. Is there a good time or a bad time or time is just same it’s our expectations that define the time as good or bad?

The story of Time and how it defines life

It’s the story of Time from years to days to hours to minutes to seconds and so on. If you have not understood it then set a stop watch in your phone and see how fast time is running and the question is if you keep looking at it then it might actually scare you. This is the time you are losing every second and what are we doing about it, just taking things for granted and hoping we will do all the things we want when there is the right time.

The story of Time and how it defines life

There is no right or wrong time and there is also a bad quote about it which says ‘There is never a wrong time to do the right thing’. This is the time so stop planning and thinking and start doing as time won’t wait for you it and it would be a matter of time when from seconds to minutes to hours to days, you would start losing years to life. Do not wait for the story, it’s happening with you right now, don’t try to rewrite it, just live it and enjoy it. This is your story of time so live every second of it and make sure you make every second count and you keep ticking till it’s ticking for you.



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