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Top 10 Amazing Websites

This post will amaze you after knowing the top 10 amazing websites worldwide. These websites will inspire you with great ideas, imaginations and powers because today’s world of internet has nothing is hidden from it so here is the list of these top 10 amazing websites –

1. FireEye – As we know that every single second in world thousands of computer/cyber hackers use to hack lots of websites or computers. FireEye is a virtual-based security platform that provides real-time threat protection with hacker’s country name, total attacks in a day and much more. FireEye is designed with advance technology only for those who wants to secure and keep their privacy, data and important information. Here is the Link –


2. PointerPointer – This website is one of the most funniest because you will always find to someone pointing at your mouse cursor. Here is the link –


3. Essaytyper –  OMG! Its really amazing and a wordless website. Essaytyper use to provides an essay related to your chosen topic so just choose the topic and start typing and see the amazing result. Here is the link -


4. Zefrank – If you wants to see your imagination in 3D then this website is best for you. You have to draw your imaginary lines on it and it will convert it into 3D. Here is the link –


5. – This website is designed to show any website’s structure that means you can see any website’s previous look and features since its started. Here is the Link –


6. – Whenever we use to open, Google redirect you to country domain but if you want to use Google with no country restrictions, open so finally you can search anything without country restrictions.


7. 10Minutemail –  You can create a temporary email address for creating fake id or subscriptions purpose and the best part is that your all emails will be destructed in 10 minutes. Here is the Link –


8. Screenshot of Any webpage – This will really help you in your day to day work because you can easily take crystal clear screenshot of any webpage in any format by putting only URL of that particular webpage. Here is the Link –

9. Down for everyone or just me – This website will help to know where your chosen website is down or not so here is the link –

10. Date and Date Calculator – This website calculator is really helpful for everyone because you can easily calculate the duration between two dates, years and lots of. Here is the Link –


The above top 10 amazing websites are really designed with advance technology and with high effort for us and we know, Internet is a world of facts and imaginations.


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