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Top 5 happiest cities in India

Top 5 happiest cities in India

If you ever wanted to know that people of which  city are the happiest then here is the answer. Top 5 happiest cities in India was a survey conducted by LG to measure happiness index of people from different economic and social backgrounds. People often ask and question that true happiness should not be subjective while it should be objective. If someone questions you whether you are happy, then your answer should not include any explanation, it should be an objective Yes or No. The top 5 happiest cities in India has a few surprises and this survey should not be the final word because it is one of the toughest job to find out that who is Happy and who is not. Let’s take a look at the list.

5.) Bengaluru:  

Top 5 happiest cities in India

The capital city of Karnataka makes it to the fifth spot. Bengaluru is the 3rd post populated city in India and also known as the Information Technology(IT) hub of the country have happy and contented bunch of people.

4.) Chennai: 

Top 5 happiest cities in India

The capital city of Tamil Nadu has surprised everyone to make it to the fourth spot beating Bengaluru. Chennai known for its culture and beaches is a progressive metro and is the fourth most populous city in India.

3.) New Delhi: 

Top 5 happiest cities in India

Well if all you Delhiites were waiting for your city then here it is. Yes the capital city of India has made it to the top 3 Happiest cities in India. Delhi is known for its monuments and amazing food.

2.) Lucknow:

Top 5 happiest cities in India

Good news for Uttar Pradesh and the Capital city makes it to the number two in the index of Happiness. Lucknow known for its Etiquette and culture has plenty of happiness that surrounds  it.

1.) Chandigarh:

Top 5 happiest cities in India

The capital city of two states Punjab and Haryana makes it to the Numero position. Yes its the best city whether you talk about planning or the people of their Happiness. In the survey this city has won by a long margin.

In the survey it was clearly highlighted that North zone was considered to be the best in terms of Index of Happiness and there were unhappy cities as well which were Mumbai, Guwahati, Jaipur, Kochi and Hyderabad. Happiness should be the most important parameter in the development of a country,state or a city. Happiness is the essence of life.



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