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Top 5 Mermaid Sightings from all around the world

Top 5 Mermaid Sightings
Top 5 Mermaid Sightings

Since it is a mystery of the existence of Mermaids. But yet there are some reasons to believe the existence of Mermaids. There are too many pictures taken by the people who claimed that they have seen the Mermaids in different part of the earth. We are mentioned top 5 Mermaid sightings that prove the existence of the Mermaids.

List of top 5 Mermaid Sightings

  • Kiryat Yam in Israel (2009)

Top most famous Mermaid sighting was in Kiryat Yam in Israel. According to the native people of Kiryat claimed that they have seen some amazing creatures in the sea. They were in huge numbers to come near the coast blue collar Israeli. There was too much crowd gathered around the mermaids where they were found. At that time the mayor of that town announced for a prize worth of 1 million dollar to the person who could prove the real existence of the mermaid.

  • Hispaniola in Caribbean Islands (1493)

The presence of Mermaids on the earth was firstly claimed in 1493. These claims were made by Christopher Columbus who was a great voyager. He revealed the story that he has seen three female forms Mermaid in the sea.

  • Marina Beach in Chennai (2005)

The existence of the mermaids in India came into light after the reports of the dead body of Mermaid which was found in Marina beach after Tsunami hit the coastal state. This corpse of Mermaid is currently preserved in the Egmore museum with high Security. Tamilian called as Kadal Kanni to the Mermaids in their own language. It is an imaginary creature of the earth with upper half body of human and lower half of the fish.

  • Lake Mutirikwi (Kyle) Dam – Zimbabwe (2012)

There are several pictures of lifeless mermaid found at Pond Mutirikwi (Kyle) Dam in Masvingo on the internet. Work on the two reservoirs close to Gokwe and Mutare in Zimbabwe stopped when personnel refused to continue the work, proclaiming that mermaids had hounded them away from these two sites

  • Kei Islands in Indonesia (1940)

    At the time of second world war, several Japanese soldiers claimed that they have seen many mermaids on the sea coast of Kei Islands in the country Indonesia. They also described that these mermaids have human face and long fin like a fish and they were swimming under the water. The local persons of this area describe the mermaids as Orang Ikan and they also claimed of several such sightings in that area.


From these top 5 mermaid sightings we can believe on the existence of Mermaids. But there are no solid proofs or scientific reasons about the existence of these type of creatures on the earth. It is very difficult to decide that these are real of fake.

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