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Top 5 Scams in India

Top 5 Scams in India
Top 5 Scams in India

It has been 68 years since we achieved independence in 1947 but after so many years corruption still remains the biggest problem of the country. We are presenting the top 5 scams in India . In a country where poverty is a major problem, scams like these should not happen.

  • Coal Allocation Scam: The coal gate or the coal allocation was the major scam. The coal blocks that were allocated during the period 2004 to 2009 under UPA regime to public sector entities (PSEs) were under scrutiny. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) accused the then government of inefficiently . The total worth of the scam was a whopping  185591 crores.
Top 5 Scams in India
  • 2G Scam: This as another scam that was the talk of the town. It also took place under UPA regime and then minister A. Raja was accused of allocating frequency licence incorrectly. Supreme Court of India in its judgement said that the allocation of these licence was unconstitutional and arbitrary. The total worth of the scam was 176000 crores
Top 5 Scams in India
2G scam
  • Common Wealth Games Scam: You might Be surprised that CWG scam also happened under UPA regime. The Event was severely criticized for spending unnecessary funds in-spite of the fact that there have been poverty issues in India. The total worth of the scam was 70000 crores. Suresh Kalmadi was the main architect of this scam.
Top 5 Scams in India
CWG scam
  • Sharda Group Financial Scam: This Scam took place in West Bengal where the idea of chit funds was given life by collecting funds from different sources. Sudipto Sen was the chief architect of this scam and it is also said that he changed his name and went under a knife for a plastic surgery. The total worth of the scam was 40000 crores.
Top 5 Scams in India
Sharda Scam
  •  Uttar Pradesh NRHM Scam: NRHM which stands for National Rural Health Mission was to improve the Health of Rural India but what politicians did was improve their financial health. It was under the regime of BSP( Bahujan Samaj Party) . The sum estimated was 10000 crores.

We feel very sad to write this post but against corruption there should be zero tolerance. India has to come out of this and every citizen has to stop corruption at their own level. Corruption is worse for the country even if its for a penny or for billions.


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