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Weed addiction is destroying young India

Weed addiction is destroying young India

If we thought smoking enough was a major problem then Weed addiction is destroying young India. Weed or Cannabis or Marijuana has been used in medicine and in drug industry. All forms of weed or Cannabis are illegal in India but are used in traditional preparations. The different forms are Bhang(Seeds and Leaves), Charas(Resin) and Ganja(Flower). There have been several misconceptions off late that smoking weed is healthy or it is less harmful than smoking tobacco. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime(UNODC) released a report and that only gives the data for the year 2000. According to that report 3.2% of Indian population smokes weed which is a large number considering the population of India. If the report comes out now then we will realise that the situation has reached to the alarming level. The part of the problem is the young people who are trying weed as early as 12 years or 14 years of age and that is not a good sign for India which has the largest young population in the world.

The problem with smoking weed is more social as there has been a culture growing among youngsters that smoking a joint or weed is cool and makes you creative or rather it increases your creativity. Indian must be concerned about this problem as we don’t want to repeat what is going in the United States. According to the reports people in United States who are going to rehabilitation centres for weed addiction are mostly youngsters and you would be surprised to know that off those 45% are under the age of 21. These are alarming signs because Weed as a drug makes you lose touch with reality and anything illusive is not good for your life. Lets take a look at the devastating effects of Smoking weed and how smoking weed is destroying India.

Weed addiction is destroying young India



  • Everyone knows how vital saliva is for your mouth and according to according to addiction research and therapy journal Smoking weed makes your mouth dry and reduces the production of Saliva.
  • After Smoking weed your blood pressure is reduced which causes dizziness .

Weed addiction is destroying young India


  • Studies have suggested that regular consumption of weed decreases the production of Dopamine which is a chemical in brain that keeps you motivated in life. Smoking weed causes loss of motivation.

Weed addiction is destroying young India


  • Smoke in weed contains 50% to 70% more cancer causing substance as compared to tobacco. It is also found that smoking one joint of weed is as harmful to lungs as smoking 5 cigarettes one after the another.
  • Smoking weed causes the structure of sperm cells to change and even mild consumption of weed has been found to cause sterility in men and effects women’s menstrual cycle.
  • If a pregnant women smokes weed then the child suffers and they give birth to undersized and premature child.
  • Regular use of Weed destroys nerve cells in the brain affecting memory functioning.
  • Smoking weed can cause hallucinations and paranoia as if someone is following you.

Weed addiction is destroying young India


  • Studies have confirmed that regular consumption of weed increases heart rate and the risk of heart attacks.

Weed addiction is destroying young India


  • There is one other study that has confirmed that regular use of weed in the early age can lower your IQ at least by 8 points which is a substantial number.
  • People who smoke weed regularly are prone to Sexually transmitted diseases by seven times than people who don’t smoke it.

I have seen people who smoke weed always mention that how stoned it makes you which is more disappointing as human body is all about emotions and so is human life and why would you want to lose them. The increase in the culture of weed consumption is because it is cheaper and now a days it is easily available at selected pan shops. The parenting on such issues has to be very specific and parents must be aware about the habits of their child and smoking weed is not a solution to any problem.

Weed addiction is destroying young India


There is life beyond weed and addictions which is far more beautiful and full of emotions and that every child deserves. There has to be complete full stop on weed consumption as it is making the younger generation lose motivation in life. Stop weed and enjoy life.



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