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What is my Original Colour?

What is my original colour is a deep and moot question. When we are born that is when we are in our most natural form as human beings. As we grow up and learn new things and continously add things to our cognitive learning it is imperative that we will add shades to our natural colour that we were born with. People might have a perception that they know themselves the best than anyone else in the world. If you ask anyone that do you know what was your personality or colour was when you were a child, they might not remember it.

What is my Original Colour?
Divine colour

There is a beautiful story of a guy who is a firm believer in God and believes that everything happens for the good. Whenever he failed in life he said to himself God is just polishing me to become better. Every individual has a threshold of failures that he can take and like everyone his threshold was also reached and in frustration he said to GOD ‘Stop polishing me now, I have started to lose my original colour ‘. God replied to him very calmly that ‘Son you don’t know your original colour ‘. So again the question is how do you find your original colour,  because nobody will remember how you were as a child and the answer doesn’t lie in God or in any Religion.  It lies with spirituality and meditation.

What is my Original Colour?
Meditation the original colour

Mediation has different connotations as a word and everyone will say that yes it’s good for you, but no one does it. We are so engrossed in everything else that surrounds us that we actually are starting to lose our original colour and we have different colours in different places.  Mediation is about oneness and self realisation and people confuse it with controlling the mind but actually it’s about letting the mind free and think and act as a free soul like you did when you were a child. So if you want to find out what is your original colour then mediation is the path to attain spirituality.



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