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Alien Abduction in Alaska?

Alien Abduction in Alaska?

Alien Abduction in Alaska? has been a major point of discussion for the past two decades. When you think about Alaska you think about beautiful landscapes, Rivers, Lakes, snow and everything that nature has to offer. All this beauty is just the silver lining and if we talk about the dark clouds then it might shiver you. If we talk about the demographics of Alaska then this US state has a area of 1.7 million square miles and has a population of around 6,50,000. The fact is that every year 5 people go missing out of 1000 and this rate is much higher than other US states.

Alien Abduction in Alaska?

People go missing everywhere all the time then what is all the fuss about. The rate of missing people in Alaska is twice as compared to other US states. People say its easy to go missing in Alaska because it has 3000 rivers, 39 mountain ranges and around 3 million lakes so if you go missing then there are remote chances that people might actually find you. What you read above was the logical explanation. There are people who believe that Aliens are abducting these people. If there is even a trace of truth in Alien Abduction is Alaska? then it surely is scary.

Alien Abduction in Alaska?

Nome is a small town in Alaska located along the ocean. It has a population of around 3000. People in Nome believe that FBI is downplaying the Alien angle. Images of UFO sightings in Alaska are everywhere on Internet. Some people also believe that there is an Alien command centre in Nome. Aliens are kidnapping humans and conducting experiments on them. There are several documentaries and movies made on this topic. The fourth Kind (2009) movie also explains these theories about Alien abduction in Alaska.

There are no concrete facts to support the Alien angle. We leave it to the readers to decide about Alien Abduction in Alaska?



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