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Babbar Khalsa and Air India flight 182

Babbar Khalsa and Air India flight 182

Babbar Khalsa and Air India flight 182. How is the terrorist group Babbar Khalsa and Air India flight 182 related? Babbar Khalsa International(BKI) is a terrorist group that has been active since 1980. Babbar Khalsa in an international terrorist organisation which is based on the ideology of Sikh Nationalism and their motto is selfless service to the motherlandIts ironical that how killing people serve the purpose of motherland. Their major motive was the creation of Khalistan as a separate and autonomous state. Going back to history Babbar Akali movement that took place in 1920 against the British rule in India was for the service of motherland. According to historians this group has taken its name from there and named it as Babbar Khalsa International. Talwinder Singh Parmar born on 26th February 1944 is said to be the founder of this organisation. There are some historians who also believe that Babbar Khalsa was not concerned with the Khalistan movement and they were more concerned about propagating the ideas of Sikhism in the world.

Babbar Khalsa and Air India flight 182


Air India Flight 182

Babbar Khalsa and Air India flight 182 is a tragedy that still shivers people around the world.  The date was 23rd June and the year was 1985 when the Air India flight 182 which flew from Canada to Delhi was Bombed at a height of 31,000 feet and it killed 329 people. The majority of the people were citizens of Canada and according to the official figure 268 Canadians, 27 from UK and 24 Indians were killed in this horrific attack. The law authority in Canada were convinced that this attack was planned by Babbar Khalsa group. It is also said that the attack on Air India flight 182 was the vengeance of Operation Blue Star conducted by India. After the trial a few people were arrested and Inderjit Singh Reyat was found guilty. After the Operation Blue Star, Parmar who was the founder of Babbar Khalsa met Inderjit Singh Reyat who lived in Duncan and asked him to make a Bomb and Inderjit Singh Reyat later claimed that he was not aware that for what purpose the Bomb was being constructed.

Babbar Khalsa and Air India flight 182

Babbar Khalsa has its reach to the United States as well. Ajaib Singh Bagri was an Indo-Canadian citizen and he was known for his extremist and powerful preaching. All this which was happening was the aftermath of the operation blue star. In the opening convention of World Sikh Organisation(WSO) on 28th of July which was held in Madison Square Garden Bagri said “until we kill 50,000 Hindus, we will not rest”, Bagri was against the Indian Government as he felt they are being treated as second class citizen and demanded for a separate state known as Khalistan. After the operation blue star in 1984 Babbar Khalsa group has weakened a lot but it still remains to be active in some parts.

Babbar Khalsa and Air India flight 182

In 1990 Indian government decided to completely wipe out the Babbar Khalsa group and launched several secret operations to track them down.This ultimately resulted in the death of Sukhdev Singh Babbar and Talvinder Singh Parmar in 1992. The death of Talvinder Singh Parmar still remains a controversy and it is said he was killed in police custody and his confession statements were also destroyed. Even after the death of the founding member Babbar Khalsa International group still remains to be active.

The thing to understand here is that why people choose the path of violence and extremism and what is thought process behind it. What role should religion play in society and an individual’s life. These are tough questions but a reasonable answer and solution to them can resolve a lot of problems in the world. As Mahatma Gandhi quoted that An Eye for an Eye makes the whole world Blind. Terrorism always has a religion and a thought process and it is only motivated by those factors and it is every individual’s responsibility to decide and have a clarity of thought that the country should always come first before religion.


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