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English Words of Indian Origin

English is an international language not because it is spoken in most of the countries but because it is a conglomeration of words taken from languages of different origin.  Here are some English words that are taken from Indian Origin.

1.) Avatar: 

The hindi word is ‘अवतार’ which is a person from heaven.

2.) Bangle:

This word is orginated from ‘बांगड़ी’ which is a kind of bracelet.

3.) Bunglow:

This word orginates from the hindi word ‘ बंगला’ which means a lavish and big house.

4.) Chit:

This word originates from the word ‘चिठ्ठी’ which means a letter or note.

5.) Cot:

This word comes from the word ‘खाट’ which means a portable bed.

6.) Cummerbund:

This word comes from ‘कमरबन्द’ which means a waist band.

7.) Dacoit:

This word comes from the word which is ‘डकैत’ which means a person who does crime and robbery.

8.) Guru:

This means a teacher or a priest and may sometimes be used for a person with a clout. It comes from the word ‘गुरू’।

9.) Gymkhana:

The english and hindi word are the same which means a place for exercise and sporting activity. The original word is ‘जिमखाना’।

10.) Jodhpurs:

English Words of Indian Origin

They are a kind of attire in which full length trousers are worn . The name comes from the Indian city Jodhpur.

11.) Juggernaut:

This word comes from the God ‘जग्गनाथ’ and is used as a metaphor for a force that is unstoppable.

12.) Jungle:

People might argue that forest is the correct word but ‘जंगल’ is mostly used to deacribe a forest.

13.) Karma: 

The word is taken from Sanskrit word ‘कर्म’ which means the deeds that you do in your life time.

14.) Mantra:

This also comes from Sanskrit word ‘मंत्र’ which are religious chants described in vedas.

15.) Loot:

The hindi word is ‘लूट’ which means to steal or rob something.

16.) Nirvana:

It is a a state of mind or self being described in Buddhism where you don’t care about material things. The original word id ‘निर्वाणा’।

17.) Punch:

It is taken from the hindi word ‘पांच’ which means five and is used for drinks that contain five ingidrients.

18.) Sorbet:

This is taken from the urdu word ‘शरबत’ which means juice.

19.) Shampoo:

This is taken from Indian word ‘चाम्पो’ which means something that gives head massage.

20.) Thug:

The coolest word in today’s time and being mostly used as thuglife has been taken from ‘ठग’ which means a conmen.

21.) Typhoon:

This word is taken from ‘तूफान’ which means a cyclonic storm.

22.) Veranda:

The word ia taken from ‘बरामदा’ which means a courtyard.

23.) Yoga:

This ia one of the most trending things and is taken from ‘योग’ which is a form of body and mind excercise.


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