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Facebook Privacy a Myth?

Facebook Privacy a Myth?
Facebook Privacy a Myth?

When thousands of years ago Aristotle said that ‘Man is a social animal’, People thought it was just a nice thought. If you look at the scenario now it is very evident that this ‘Social Animal’ is more active and more social then ever before. When Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in 2004, he would never imagined that he would have access to the information of more than 2 billion people and their private lives. The question how safe your profile and content posted by you is on Facebook. Is Facebook Privacy a myth. We all have created profiles on Facebook and how many of us have read the terms of use on it, Lets take a look at the terms of use of Facebook.

  • For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (IP content), you specifically give us the following permission, subject to your privacy and application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.

What this means is that if someday Facebook uses your status you cannot do anything about it, provided your profile is not private. Now lets take a look at Facebook’s Advertisement and other commercial content served on Facebook:

  • You give us permission to use your name, profile picture, content, and information in connection with commercial, sponsored, or related content (such as a brand you like) served or enhanced by us. This means, for example, that you permit a business or other entity to pay us to display your name and/or profile picture with your content or information, without any compensation to you. If you have selected a specific audience for your content or information, we will respect your choice when we use it.
  • We do not give your content or information to advertisers without your consent.

What this means if you allow any commercial application via Facebook then it has the full right to disclose your details to the company.

Facebook Privacy a Myth?
Chaos On birthday

If you do not check Privacy settings on Facebook then things can actually get ugly. Let me tell you a story, Recently a Girl in Germany named Thessa posted on Facebook that she is turning 16 and there is a party at her place and she forgot to check the privacy settings and what happened next was the chaos you can see in the above picture, around 2000 people turned up at her place and cops had to be called up to control the situation.  

Facebook came to connect people and it has done very well, almost everyone is on Facebook today. When you are on internet and everything you do internet is tracked by cookies and that is the reason why if  one day you searched for jackets online, then on every website it shows you ads related to jackets. So if you think your life is private then think again it is actually not. Internet and Facebook knows that what time you come home and what things you access and what you search for on internet.  

Internet has surely brought the world closer but is it too close for comfort? If you enjoy Facebook and Internet as a whole and the freedom it gives you, then just make sure that your friend list consist of people you trust and privacy settings are checked and enjoy the power of internet. But never be in this myth that nobody knows what you do on internet, Actually all the people related to National Security are watching you and people who want to destroy national security are also observing you. If you want your life to be absolutely private then the only option is not to access Internet.

Now if you are seeing this message on your wall by some innocent and stupid friends, then trust me it is stupid and has no relevance and is a hoax.

““I do not give Facebook or any entities associated with Facebook permission to use my pictures, information, or posts, both past and future. By this statement, I give notice to Facebook it is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute, or take any other action against me based on this profile and/or its contents. The content of this profile is private and confidential information. The violation of privacy can be punished by law (UCC 1-308- 1 1 308-103 and the Rome Statute).”


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