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First Martyr of Internet Revolution

Who was the First Martyr of Internet Revolution? In 1990 Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented world wide web which we popularly call as internet. Who was the First Martyr of Internet Revolution? This question is vital in two aspects. Firstly, why would someone die for internet revolution. Secondly why is internet revolution necessary? Dictionary defines ‘martyr’ as killing someone because of their beliefs. Aaron Hillel Swartz committed suicide on 11th January 2013 at the age of 26, because all the so called powerful people of internet didn’t support him.

First Martyr of Internet Revolution

Since the inception of internet in 1990, all the so called sane people have been trying to monitor or control internet. For centuries elite class have had access to all the important information of the world. Internet Revolution is about making this information accessible to everyone for free. Internet Revolution is about making the world a better place in terms of equality. Internet Revolution is about the Right to Free speech. Internet Revolution is about the right to privacy. Aaron Swartz believed in all of them and many more ideas that he wanted to propagate.

First Martyr of Internet Revolution

If you thought internet was secure and private then it just an illusion. Mark Zuckerberg made the entire human race a product and made billions, that’s how private our internet is today. Aaron Swartz said that “There is no justice in following unjust laws”. When he was trying to make all information public from MIT, FBI came into picture for MIT’s rescue. Elite institutions like MIT, people like Mark Zuckerberg and even Barack Obama did not take a stand for Aaron Swartz. He was given a choice to accept that he was guilty. Aaron Swartz believed in internet revolution. He never gave up and did not accept the guilt. He believed that knowledge belongs to each one of us. There was so much pressure on Aaron Swartz and he was just 26. Aaron Swartz was just a boy who wanted to change the world and the world stood against him. He surely was the first martyr of Internet Revolution.

This is Indiathenation’s little attempt to pay tribute to him. We will come back with the entire story of Aaron Swartz. Indiathenation beleives in “Free the Internet”.

RIP Aaron H. Swartz.


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