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Immortal Ravana within Us

Immortal Ravana within Us, this phrase might confuse you because Ravana is the extreme form of evil. Its for you to decide what is more dangerous extreme form or the shades of evil.We are Celebrating Dusshera today which marks the victory of good over evil.  The etymology of the word ‘dussherra’ will tell you all about the significance of this festival.  It is derived from a Sanskrit word dash-hara, which means it’s the defeat of Ravana (ten headed king). If you happen to be at ramlila today, you will see huge caricatures of Ravana being burned to Ashes which marks the Victory of good over evil.

The pertinent question is, doing this over the years have we not made Ravana Immortal? We burn him every year and yet we have to do it every year. He is alive in everyone of us and is slowly moving to immortality. He is the same person that allows you or provokes you to judge other people as per your definition of good and evil. If Ram was important so was the Ravana, Good has no relevance in society if bad is not there, They define each other, Good and bad are relative interpretations, they are not absolute terms. Immortal Ravana within us allows us to be passionate and gives us the clarity between good and evil.

Immortal Ravana within Us

The more relevant question is what we are promoting whether its good or the evil, When we are born we are not aware what is truth and what is a lie, which is our natural form to see things as they are, the more you will try to define them, the more you are differentiating between good and bad and that makes the so called Ravana powerful. So, this year Lets kill the Ravana once in for all from within us.

Alfred lord Tennyson once said in his beautiful poem that ‘nothing will die,everything will change from one form to another’. The thing about Ravana is that he the purest form of evil. He has not changed over the years and he is still alive. The increasing levels of intolerance in our society are making him more powerful everyday.

The question we are supposed to answer is that, who you want to become? LORD RAMA OR THE RAVANA. Even if your attitude is more towards lord RAMA,  your intent would always be to kill the Ravana inside you. Human beings are neutral when they are born, the day we start to judge good or bad,  then you give birth to Ravana.  This dussherra let’s promise not to judge people with RAMA OR RAVANA, stay neutral, stay HUMAN and save HUMANITY.  HAPPY DUSSHERRA.


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