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Indian Biker Girls

Bike Riding has always been considered a male dominating activity. In a country where girls are still fighting for their equal rights, here are a few Indian Biker Girls group that will surprise you when you see them in action. To name a few groups there are Indian Biker Girls group as ‘Bikerni’,Lady Bikers, Lady Riders, Hop on Gurls and Biking Queens are a few. Vaishali Moore the 48 year old says that “It is a symbol of empowerment and liberty for me”. These women and girls can be an inspiration for a lot of young girls who want to be self dependent and empowered.

Indian Biker Girls
Courageous act

It is said bike Riding culture is becoming popular among Indian girls as more and more girls are taking it as a fun sport and also something that makes them independent.  Biking festival that started in 2013 in India had 1000 girls as participants but in 2015 it has increased to around 2500. This data is very promising as it is a big sign of women empowerment. One of the Bikers Aparna Bandodkar said in an interview that “Riding a bike doesnot require extra muscle or testosterone”  she is absolutely correct what it needs is the will and the zeal to do it.

Indian Biker Girls
Ladies on the ride- a proud view

Apart from the fact that these ladies teach young girls to follow their passion, they are also making them self dependent.  Recently the group biking Queens raised awareness for Breast cancer. What’s good to see is that apart from their passion and hobby, these groups are also involved in social causes. What we feel is that if we see a girl riding a bullet or any bike on the road then it is an awesome site for us. Let’s make a change to the society and appreciate girls if we see them on bikes rather than mocking them.

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