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Indian Village Kodinhi that has most Twins

Indian Village Kodinhi that has most Twins
Indian Village Kodinhi that has most Twins

Science describes twins when a zygote splits in two embryos and identical twins are born and they are also known as mono zygotic.  This is one Indian Village Kodinhi that has most Twins. Kodinhi is a village in the Malappuram district of Kerala. If you visit the place then it would look like a normal place, But when you meet the people you will stunned to see the twin population in the village. The village was brought to the International limelight when a population survey was done and it was found that out of 2000 families there were more than 250 pairs of twins in the village which is a very high percentage as per the normal ratio. The ratio is six times higher than the normal population of twins in the world.

Indian Village Kodinhi that has most Twins
Indian Village Kodinhi that has most Twins

Dr Krishnan Sribiju who is a local resident there is studying this unusual twin births for the past two years and says 250 is just an official number and the actual number is much higher. He says it has to be related to the eating habits of the people in the village. As per the global population 4 twins are born per 1000 population while in Kodinhi it is 45 per 1000 which is around 10 times more. The doctors have been trying to find out this unusual phenomenon that is leading to high twin births in the village. There is a same place in Nigeria named as Igbo-Ora, which also has high twin ratio and the University of Lagos has related to the eating habits of Nigerian women but in the case of Kodinhi no general cause has been mentioned. The situation of Kodinhi village only tells that there are some things which are beyond the understanding of science and humanity. Kodinhi village will keep attracting the International audience till the doctors are able to find out a reason that why the twin population is so high in the village. 

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